The ICE Raids

An illustration reminding us that we cannot let ICE detainees be forgotten, to become ghosts, to lose themselves and everything they have in a system where they are cruelly mistreated. 

No Back Room Raise for Albany

The New York Times OpEd approached Krystal Lauk Studios to create an illustration for the article "No Back-Room Raise for Albany. " The article was about approving a raise for lawmakers only if there are measures in place that would prevent them from receiving outside income from entities that are potentially conflicts of interest. The illustration published on print and web onDecember 6th, 2018.

Egg Freezing as a Job Benefit

This concept illustration is inspired by the article “Freezing Eggs as Part of Employee Benefits: Some Women See Darker Message,” originally published in The New York Times. The narrative of the piece centers around the fear many women hold that if they start a family they will not be seen as committed to their employer. Here I’ve illustrated the commitment women have for their companies in a gesture normally reserved for child rearing.

Tech Rich Street Poor illustration

Tech Rich Street Poor

Tech Rich Street Poor illustration

This illustration touches on the disparity between the classes felt in San Francisco. The city is bustling with inspiring new innovation, and is often called the Florence of our time. Yet the streets crawl with desperate people who have no home, and angry people who peg the tech industry as an evil force taking over their city. “Techie” has become a discriminatory term as cushy tech offices and glassy upscale apartment buildings spring up, and along with it, a type of privilege that has become the new standard in San Francisco.