Going Independent!


I am firing up Krystal Lauk Studios and now taking on illustration and art direction projects full time!

For most of us, the new year signifies a renewal of ourselves- to step back and evaluate how we can be our best selves. I’m excited to have this opportunity to start the year off with a blank slate, open to new possibilities and experiences with the aim to delight and inspire through illustration!

Being at Google for the past year and half was incredible, working to elevate the experience of the largest media marketplace on the Play UX team. There, I helped provide art direction to a team of inspiring, talented illustrators as a lead. I worked closely with product and marketing stakeholders to create delightful bespoke imagery for the Play store, and its verticals on a global scale. Through concepting and implementing compelling visuals for campaigns and products with such a huge global reach, I gained an understanding of our common human values through many different lens.

So with my past experience and successes behind me, I am setting out with an entrepreneurial spirit, whether it be communicating complex concepts and ideas to gain better understanding and motivate deeper thought, or creating beautiful, branded visuals that inspire a market demographic to engage with a product. Let’s talk about how illustration can be a powerful and effective tool for you.


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