The ICE Raids

An illustration reminding us that we cannot let ICE detainees be forgotten, to become ghosts, to lose themselves and everything they have in a system where they are cruelly mistreated. 

Lady in the Rain

A confident, bad ass stylish lady not letting any amount of rain get to her and her stride, inspired by More Than Enough, a book by Elaine Welteroth.

No Back Room Raise for Albany

The New York Times OpEd approached Krystal Lauk Studios to create an illustration for the article "No Back-Room Raise for Albany. " The article was about approving a raise for lawmakers only if there are measures in place that would prevent them from receiving outside income from entities that are potentially conflicts of interest. The illustration published on print and web onDecember 6th, 2018.

We Believe Her

This illustration portrays women across America hearing Dr. Fords testimony in the Ford-Kavanaugh case on September 27th, 2018, and recounting their own experiences of sexual assault. The powerful hashtag, #webelieveher, or #Ibelieveher was often followed by grim accounts by women across social media as a result of the hearing.
Shiba Inu illustration for Year of the Dog show

Year of the Dog Art Show

Shiba Inu illustration for Year of the Dog show

Sketchpad Gallery and Chinese Cultural Center teamed up to celebrate Chinese New Year for an incredible art show, inspired by the Year of the Dog. I created six illustrations of the most popular dog breeds for the show, mixing personality with traditional Chinese design and flowers that are symbolic to Chinese culture.

The show was held at the Chinese Cultural Center in San Francisco, and was on display from February 22- March 17, 2018.

Chow Chow illustration for Year of the Dog show
Lab illustration for Year of the Dog show
Pug illustration for Year of the Dog show
Shih Tsu illustration for Year of the Dog show
Corgi illustration for Year of the Dog show

Girl with Flowers

This illustration is inspired by San Francisco and it's many delightful scenes of life, such as this girl reaching up to a wall of flowers bouquets by a corner market.
Good Vibes Art Show

Summer Vibes

Good Vibes Art Show

Happy Alligator Collective is a group of female artists that curate pop-up art shows around San Francisco. I was invited to create artwork for their Good Vibes art show, which took place July 1st, 2017 at Sketchpad Gallery. This piece is inspired by the ultimate summer vibe perfect for a July show- making a big splash!

"Jungle Cat" for Meow that's What I Call Art Cat show, curated by Sketchpad Gallery

Meow that's What I Call Art! Art Show

Sketchpad Gallery invited me to create artwork for a show all about cats, opening July 15th. The artwork is inspired by all house cats who's alter ego is a fierce jungle cat! The show was a great turnout, and even included celebrity cat, Waffles!

Sci-Fi Film Noir show

"Time Beards" curators Craig Drake and Luke Harrington approached me on behalf of Heron Arts Gallery and Patreon to create artwork for a show inspired by Sci-Fi Film Noir, opening June 9th, 2017. "The City of Lost Children" film was chosen for the gritty, yet whimsical visuals and characters.